• Life science tools evaluation, including intellectual property, analytical utility, and market.
  • Pre-Clinical assay and detection instrument system development
  • Medical Device concept and preclinical prototyping, regulatory advisement.
  • Engineering of test fixtures, film-based microfluidics, and custom consumables.
  • Label-Free Detection (Biosensor) subject matter experts, with 20 years following (and leading in) the field.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR)
Cyclic Voltammetry and Impedance (Roche / ACEA “xCELLigence”)
Refractive Index Interferometry (Pall ForteBio “BLI” / Silicon Kinetics “Ski”)
Internal Reflection Imaging Ellipsometry (Maven “LFIRE”)
Kretschmann Configuration Surface Plasmon Resonance (GE Bioscience “Biacore” et al)
Local SPR (LSPR) and Fano-Resonant Structures
Photonic Crystal / Resonant Optical Grating (Corning “Epic” / Perkin-Elmer “Enspire”)
Quartz Crystal Microbalance / Acoustic Wave Sensing (QCM)
Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy  (SECM)
Spectroscopic Elllipsometry

  • Label-Free Methods: Internal Reflection Imaging Ellipsometry, Imaging SPR, Imaging ATR Analysis

“4D” analysis, imaging sub-Å thickness changes over time.
Observing interaction of cells with surfaces, on any timescale from 10ms to days.
Cell-based assays, including adherence, proliferation, motility and wound healing.

Toxicology, cytopathic effect, GPCR and ion channel ligand screening.
Bacterial CFU, biofilm formation, viability, antibiotic susceptibility.
Multiplex protein detection, antibody screening, epitope mapping, glycobiology.
Rapid serology for vaccine, autoimmune, infectious disease research.
Kinetic constant(s) determination(s) for all classes of molecular interactions.

  • Biosensor optical coatings and surface chemistry development.

  • Nucleic acid, protein and peptide non-contact micro-arraying.

  • Assay development including platform transfer, benchmarking, and optimization.

  • Mainframe Lab to Point Of Care (POC) and Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFI) platform transfer.

  • Micro-volume UV-vis spectroscopy and fluorometry.

  • Cy3/Cy5 microarray imaging and image analysis on slides and multi-well microplates.

  • Refractive index and optical rotation determinations of solids and liquids.

  • Transmission birefringence stress mapping of injection molded parts and thin films.